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 Combining small animal home boarding with precision model engineering!      What a combination!​  

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Tel: 07719 791991

[email protected]

Tel: 07719 791991

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Tel: 07732 057585

Eazi-Topup Bottle for rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Eazi-topup water bottles are for use with rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals.

Easy to top up with fresh water everyday and very easy to clean due to the 42.5 mm opening. The transparent colour allows you to see where the water level has got to and monitor how much water has been drunk.

The HDPE plastic, which is resistant up to 110°C, can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The silver water dripper can be unscrewed and pulled apart to clear out any debris that prevent a good seal.

Delivery cost will be added on payment screen  1 x bottle will cost £3.95 postage in the UK only at the moment

500 ml water bottle

Forage & Medicinal Wild Plants For rabbits and guinea

A must have ... for a rabbit and guinea pig owner to help boost your furbaby's diet (and your pocket) with free food.  Learn which plants are good and why.  Find out when to look out for these important plants ...  they may be in your garden or when you are out on a walk.

Detail about the plant, how to use it and what it contains ...  

Available as a physical book, spiral bound for ease so you can fold the pages and not break the book spine.

An e-book so you can take it out on your phone.

Delivery cost will be added on payment screen 1 x bottle will cost £3.95 postage in the UK only at the moment

E-Book version click here

Forage Book for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

E-Gift Cards

Why not treat someone to an  E-gift card to spend anywhere in the Bunny shop, hotel or pamper spa.  Have if emailed to you or send / forward it direct to the lucky person you've chosen

Load with £1 to £25

Click here to go to   E-Gift Card  options

Christmas Treats

Rabbit food prices


2 kg - £2.10

2.5 kg - £2.75

5kg - £4.40

10kg - £8.60

15kg - £13.80

20kg - £16.00

Rabbits treats 


250g £2.50

300g £3.00

500g £4.00

1000g £7.00

Delivery of Treats

Delivery cost will be added on payment screen cost £3.95 postage in the UK only at the moment