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 Combining small animal home boarding with precision model engineering!      What a combination!​  

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Tel: 07719 791991

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Tel: 07719 791991

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Tel: 07732 057585


Little Bunny Bops

Kits available to reserve

We are hobby breeders of rabbits. We only breed Minilops..

Our bunnies are our pets so we know what they are like and we know we want their beautiful babies (kits) to go to the perfect homes.

We keep a check on the progress of our does as they progress though pregnancy. A careful, watchful eye is kept on all mums and their kits after their babies are born. Our does are happy for us to check their babies and we handle the kits everyday as they grow up.

8 weeks is the earliest that we will let a kit go to its new home and if we feel that they need a little bit longer with mum then that is where they will stay.

At the end of the day the rabbits welfare is our priority.

The sex change fairy

There are no guarantees until the rabbits are 12 weeks old to definitively say the gender of a rabbit … there is usually a really good identification but this is not 100%

Why Us?

We love our bunnies and want the best for them and their babies … we love them to bits and so we may ask lots of questions of potential owners to make sure they are going to the best homes.

The babies are vaccinated to give them the best start in life before they go to their new homes and so we hope that they will continue to be vaccinated by their new mums and dads.